Everyone who owns a boat has dreamed of taking that “cruise of a lifetime". Some want their boat in Florida or the Bahamas for the winter. Some people would like to spend a weeks' vacation on their boat in a new harbor.  

      Whatever your dream we can help you make it happen safely and with the peace of mind that an experienced and mature Captain on board brings.         

  Whether you want a seasoned  hand to make the run with you or need to be able to just fly in and go fishing and cruising, I can help you on your trip or my mate and I can reposition your boat while you take care of business.          

  With the economy improving every day and fuel prices the lowest in years maybe now is the time to make your dream come true.         



    A delivery is more than just driving your boat.

   In addition to my local knowledge there are many hours of preparation and research before we leave the dock.     

      Inlets change and sometimes close. Buoys get moved, sometimes on purpose and sometimes by storm or accidents. Shoaling, bridge and lock opening and construction schedules, military exercises, dockage and fuel availability all need to be researched as part of the planning and execution of a trip on the water.

  Each trip presents a new challenge and each is unique. 

    Your boats size, true cruising speed and range, and the weather along our route combined with the latest intel determines which port we will make each night and what route we will take to get there. The more up front planning that goes in to a trip the safer and more enjoyable it is.

      I have demonstrated time and again that I possess the skills, experience, work ethic and good judgement necessary for you to have confidence in me. 

       You have worked hard for your success.

      I work hard so you can enjoy your leisure time.