You are my most important client! 

   I will treat you and your vessel with the upmost respect.    Old or new, large or small, you are proud of your boat and you deserve quality, attentive, old school customer service . 

       My goal is to give you that old school service.  Nothing less! 

  Additionaly I want to make your delivery as smooth, simple and worry free as possible. 


Once we have discussed your trip and my fee and we have an agreement, I will put that in an email to you. If there are any changes or misunderstandings we take care of them and then we have a deal. 

          What I need from you. 

    To lock you in to my schedule I will need a deposit of one day’s fee.   Additionally, I will need some means to pay for fuel, dockage and my transportation to the boat and home.     A credit card is the easiest method and you will be given a daily accounting.  

      Your boat needs to be seaworthy and mechanically sound for the waters we will be traveling, have the normal spare parts [ belts and filters etc.] and up to date Coast Guard required equipment [ life jackets, flairs, fire extinguishers etc.].

      She must also be fully insured for the waters we will be on [please check the geographical and calendar  limitation of your policy] and properly registered with copies on board. If you are buying through boat the broker, they can get you a temporary registration.

           Most insurance policies include coverage for a hired Captain at no additional cost but please notify them to be safe. Some companies may want a copy of my license which I will send to you along with my Letter of Compliance from the APCA drug testing consortium. 

    Timing, flexibility, teamwork and the unknown. 

    I try to plan our starting date to give us the best weather and sea conditions available for the trip while taking into account your preferred schedule and the location of your boat.

      I will do my best to make your delivery as efficient and cost effective as possible. 

      If severe weather, mechanical or other issues will cause a delay in your delivery I will present the facts and my opinion for your decision on how to proceed.


  As I said before, I do understand your apprehension. A delivery can be an expensive proposition with potential risks involved.

* Look me up on the various boating forums as "captjohn22"

* Call and get to know me as we discuss your needs and I answer your questions.

* Call my clients and hear how I took care of them and their boats.

* Call Henriques Yachts and see how I care for their boats and their clients too.

* I will do my best to make your delivery as smooth, worry free and uneventful as possible. 



* Making memories and friends,

    one delivery at a time *


Captain John Lewis 

 aka, captjohn22 




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