I had Captain John help me with the long-distance purchase, outfitting, and delivery of my 42’ Henriques and I could not be happier.      I was referred to him by both the seller of my boat and by Henriques.    John handled the sea trial for me and outfitted Shake N Bake for the trip from NJ to WA, via the Panama Canal.  

  There were a ton of details and small fixes to get my boat 100% for the big trip and John worked very hard (along with Henriques) to make everything perfect.     His communication was excellent and he frequently updated me on everything.    I met up with John in FL and ran with him for around a week so I could learn about my boat and its systems.  Although I am a charter captain with a 50 ton license and over 1,000 days on the water, I still learned a lot from John.    I know boats, but John KNOWS boats- his knowledge of different boats and systems is absolutely amazing.      

  John was amazingly thorough in his daily mechanical inspection and taught me a lot about my boat.  John made me a better captain and helped reduce the anxiety of undertaking a BIG journey on my own.      

  John is also a lot of fun to be around and has some great stories.    I cannot imagine a better delivery captain. 

   Captain Mike Colbach, Shake N Bake Sportfishing.


   In the spring of 2017, I had contacted John about helping me bring my boat from West Palm Beach to Brielle NJ.      I had initially made other arrangements that fell through at the last minute and Johns name was given to me by a very trusted source.    Upon speaking to John for the first time I immediately felt more at ease about the trip, especially considering the abrupt change of plans.  Fortunately for me John was able to juggle his schedule and fly down to Florida without me having to change my departure date. 

     Johns many years of experience running up and down the coast became apparent straight away as we started to plan our route.  John, having been in and out of almost every major Inlet on the east coast (if not all of them) and having relationships with marinas and Dockmasters on every leg of our voyage made for easy transitions from port to port.      While I am experienced myself, this was still a fairly new boat for me, and John’s knowledge of all boat systems and calm cool and collected boat handling and navigating came into play every day.

   John was constantly monitoring our plan every day, watching the upcoming weather, sea conditions and marina availability.       The true test however was our second to last day when we suffered a radar failure in a fog bank on our approach to ocean city Inlet.  This is where John certainly earned his money (and my respect). Guiding us safely and “by the book” for several hours with almost no visibility.... 

       On a personal note, traveling with someone whom you had never met before, in fairly close quarter and sometimes in less than perfect conditions can be a bit stressful and intimidating. Fortunately, this did not turn out to be the case while traveling with John.  His likeable personality, funny stories, attention to detail and emphasis on safety made otherwise long days fun and exciting.

       I can say without any reservations at all that I would highly recommend him as a trusted, experienced captain and all around great guy. 

  Brian Kimmins  2009 Viking 50  FLYING TIGER 


  I’ve used Captain John’s service twice in the past few years. The first time was all I needed to be convinced that John would be my go to delivery captain when I got in a pinch. 

  Having just taken ownership of a brand new Henriques, the boat needed to be moved from Bayville, NJ to Cape May for electronics and rigging and I was short on time. Captain John picked up the boat at first light and transited Oyster Creek Channel and through Barnegat Inlet. Did I mention that the boat was without any electronics...not even a depth sounder? 

  John carefully planned his route and used his expert knowledge of the local NJ waters to safely deliver my new baby to Cape May. 

  Convenient, on time and professional.

Thanks John! 

Ron Bjorklund, 

50 Henriques “Heavy Metals” 



After purchasing a 35 Henriques I learned that Captain John delivered it from New Jersey to Key Largo.  The previous owner highly recommended Captain John so I contacted him to deliver it back from Key Largo, FL to Indian River, DE in the spring of 2017.

   Captain John was clearly a very experienced captain and had a game plan for each day of the delivery. He delivered on schedule and on budget. He prepared for each day of his travel with plans A, B and C that would allow him to make progress in most weather conditions.

   I was impressed at the excellent communication I received during his trip and daily recap calls. He kept excellent notes and shared all of them at the end of each day including length of running time, running speed, fuel consumption and burn rates for the day and any important boat and engine notes.

   I highly recommend Captain John Lewis for boat delivery needs and wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.  

    Ken Fleetwood - 35 Henriques delivery from Key Largo to Indian River Delaware  


  We are Henriques Yachts, the builder of high quality sportfishing boats, and we are responsible for transporting our boats safely to their destinations.

     Captain John Lewis at Insatiable Boat Delivery has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. He is trustworthy, responsible, and reliable, but most importantly has strong communication. While our boats are being delivered, we are always up-to-date regarding its’ location and condition. 

  Captain Lewis is very passionate about what he does and we have trusted him to transport many of our boats up and down the east coast, even as far as Mexico and Puerto Rico.     Captain Lewis is experienced and very knowledgeable out at sea which makes him excellent in his profession. 

  We would recommend Captain Lewis for any boat needing transportation, in which they can expect a smooth and safe delivery. In fact, he liked delivering our boats so much—he bought one!           

Jaclyn Vagueiro 

Administrative, Marketing & Purchasing        

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